Palestine ( in Arabic : فلسطين Falasṭīn, Hebrew : פלשתינה Palestinian) is the name widely used since the Roman era to refer to areas in the Middle East between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River . Other term used to refer to the whole or any part of this area, including Israel , is "Israel Raya" ( Hebrew : Eretz Yisrael), Kana'an and the Holy Land .

In the sense of geographical area, which Palestinians refer to the area now comprising Israel and the territories of Palestine , as well as part of Jordan , Lebanon and Syria .In a narrow sense, it refers to areas within the borders of the former British Mandate in Palestine (1920-1948), in the west of the Jordan River.

Today, the Palestinians can be used to refer to the " Palestinian State "proposed by the Palestinian Authority. In the context of the Israeli-Palestinian Konfilk , the term Palestine has a very serious political connotations and can lead to controversy.

Palestine is located in the western part of the present Asian continent between latitude meridian 15-34 and 40-35 to the east, and between latitude meridian 30-29 and 15-33 to the north.

Palestinians form the southeastern part of the geographical unity of the Arab world's eastern hemisphere called the Syrian state. In addition to Palestine, the Syrian state comprising Lebanon , Syria and Jordan . At first these countries have a collective frontier beyond borders with Egypt .

Palestinian border with Lebanon started in Ras El-Nakoura the Mediterranian Sea region (Mediterranean) and the line leading to the east reached the small town in Lebanon after the city of Bent Jubayel, where the dividing line between the two countries to the north of this miring almost straight angle. At this point, spanning the border is the Jordan River water is a part of the Palestinians in a small way restricting from the East region with the regions of Syria and the lakes Al Hola, Lout and Tabariyya.

Border with Jordan started in the southern region of Lake Tabariyya the removal of Al Yarmouk river. Continue along the Jordan River. From spring river Jordan, the border is to split the mid-south of the Dead Sea in geometrical and Araba valley, until the Aqaba region.

Border with Egypt can be described by a nearly straight line to form a slit between the regional semi-island of Seena and Al Naqab desert. Rafah border starts at the Mediterranean to get to the Taba area in the Gulf of Aqaba.

In the Western part, Palestinians are located in the international waters of the Mediterranean after a distance of about 250 km from Ras El-Nakoura in on the south to Rafah in the south.

Because of its location is in the middle of the Arab states, Palestinians form a combination of natural and humanistic geography of the area of field land which take the lives of indigenous people in southern Badui and style of the long occupation of the north. Palestinian land has a special compared to other regions as part of the first people from their homes, places come down all religious creature, a place where ancient civilizations emerged, a bridge where commercial activities and infiltration of military expeditions during different historical era.

Enjoyed a strategic location for the Palestinian enabled connecting factor between the various continents of the ancient world, Asia, Africa and Europe. Palestine also made a place for the entrance way to the neighboring places. It is a bridge connecting the people long ago, as it enjoys a central location that keeps the people who want to residing and living in prosperity. But from the very natural if Palestinians become the center for many people who want to greed and power to exploit advantages.
Palestine is divided into two main areas:

* Gaza Strip (غزة)
* West Bank