Friday, September 3, 2010

Zionist aggression in Gaza on the first day of peace talks

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Terrorist Zionist regime of Israel broke into Gaza on the first day berlansungnya direct peace talks between Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas in Washington, under the sponsorship of the United States.

According to reports PressTV representative in Gaza, Ashraf Shannon published yesterday, Thursday, September 2, "Some new hours ago, tanks and bulldozers, bulldozers entered the town Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza ..., where they install a security fence in the zone buffer [buffer zone - a neutral area to separate from the Beit Hanoun area of Israel which was occupied and declared by the Zionist regime].
Zone along the 300 meter was designed to prevent anyone else from the approach, especially the farmers in Gaza. In fact, the Zionist enforcing the prohibition during the 1000 meters in the area. To this day, all those who tried to enter the area were killed, including women and children and farmers.

Zionist invasion in this Hanoun Bait done when the two leaders of illegal Israeli and Palestinian authority willing to resume direct negotiations ceased since 20 months ago, when the Zionists launched a massive attack on Gaza in which 1,400 people were killed in Gaza .
By adhering to the fact that the U.S. is a loyal ally and the proponents of terrorist Zionist regime of Israel, the Palestinians did not put any expectations on the peace negotiation efforts. They claimed that Mahmoud Abbas does not represent the majority of the Palestinian people. In fact, questions have arisen among the Palestinians when the United Liberation Movement Hamas refuses to involve the most popular among the people in negotiations. Liberation movement Hamas ruling Gaza when they won the elections in 2006, hope to the people of Gaza to protect the region from attacks and ongoing military barbarism and the Zionist government. 
Nearly 1.5 million people in Gaza suffer from four years ago when the embargo imposed by the Zionist regime.
Ashraf report also mentions, "last night, when they were negotiating in Washington, they are not directly touching any matter relating to Gaza. Therefore, today's Liberation Movement Hamas and Islamic Jihad do not recognize but reject the negotiations in Washington. Liberation movement Hamas insisted that any agreement signed by Mahmoud Abbas is not valid and will not be binding on the Palestinian people. While Islamic Jihad refers peace talks as early efforts to a new attack on other countries in the Middle East. "
Palestinian authority led by Mahmoud Abbas reportedly had to connect direct negotiations with the Zionists when threatened by the administration in Washington will likely break relations with the United Palestinian authority.
Peace negotiations and agreements previously failed to produce any results because the Zionists continue to violate the agreement, particularly the expansion of illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands that they seized.
Reuters reports that while the Jews continued to show arrogance and stubborn attitude by announcing their new plans to build more illegal settlements.To date, Tel Aviv has not been fulfilling their promise to leave the border area that they jajah in the West Bank in 1967.
Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton will be the center of peace talks this time, however, stressed that the talks this time should not be bound by any conditions - a proposal supported by Benjamin Netanyahu.
Several countries condemned the peace talks is a clear effort to ignore the needs of the majority of these Palestinians. Iranians are expected to hold a demonstration on a large scale in the last Friday of Ramadan as a moral support to the Palestinian people. Imam Khomeini had declared the day as Al-Quds Day. (mn/Reuters/PressTV) (Mn / Reuters / PressTV)