Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jewish immigrants seized Palestinian land in Nablus

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Dozens of Jewish settlers gathered at an area of land owned by Palestinians in the village of Qaryut in northern West Bank early yesterday morning (Friday, September 3) and continues to claim ownership of the area. 


Bringing with them equipment and agricultural equipment and water tanks, the immigrants began planting olive trees in an area of 32 acres of it.
A Palestinian official responsible for the placement problem, Ghassan Dughlus, said that immigrants originate from and Alieh Shilo settlement.The settlements were built on land that was seized from their villages near Nablus Qaryut.

According Dughlus again, tensions that occur between Jewish immigrants and the original owner of the land is increasingly gaining momentum. Jewish immigrants are often attacked the Palestinian population, including by way of throwing a stone into the car driven by the Palestinians through the main roads near settlements Yitzar. This placement was occupied by several right-wing Jewish extremists.
Palestinians in Nablus Governor's Office issued a directive to the Palestinian people in the region adopt a more cautious view of increasing cases of attacks by Jewish tribes.

Since last May, a total of 14 Palestinians killed as attack Jewish settlers and the Zionist soldiers. United Nations (UN) decided that all Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Bailutmaqdis is illegal. More than 1.5 million Jewish settlers live in the area. (mn/PNN/IMEMC) (Mn / PNN / IMEMC)